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Debt Collector Harassment! – What Are Your Rights & What Are Their Wrongs?

Unfortunately, there are many ill-mannered debt collectors even nowadays. Those people are usually ready to do anything to squeeze the money out of you. The well-known calls in late ours, threats, verbal insults, and more are just some of the methods that the corrupt debt collectors use. In the recent years, there are even more […]

Va Disability Benefits

Veteran Disability Benefits February 8, 2017

Part 2 of Disability Benefits Claims? Do Veterans Need A Lawyer To Prove Their Claim

In last month’s blog, we discussed the importance if of hiring an attorney to assist you with your filing of documents to receive compensation for injuries sustained while in the military. Below we have highlighted the first page from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on filing for compensation. We were going to discuss each […]

Va Disability Benefits

Veteran Disability Benefits December 3, 2016

Disability Benefits Claims? Do Veterans Need A Lawyer To Prove Their Claim?

When you are a military veteran, you have served your country as a member of Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. Now, when you have served your country and every person living in it while sacrificing your comfort, your family relationships, and friends while putting your life in danger, you deserve certain benefits. And of […]

Car Accidents & Personal Injury

Every day, in the United States hundreds upon hundreds of car accidents occur on the roads. While many of these car accidents are mere bumps which do not cause any injury, some of these accidents do lead to a profound change in a person’s life. Sometimes, the injury that they suffer last mere weeks. In […]

car accident lawyer

Car accident September 18, 2016

Why do you need a good car accident lawyer?

Way to choose a good accident lawyer Traffic accidents are very common, thousands even millions of injury deaths occur each year. If you happen to be involved in a car accident, and survive the injury, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. However, it is not always easy, as there may be several factors […]

Car accident September 18, 2016


Perhaps the best way to claim personal injury compensation will be through a personal injury lawyer. This means working with a lawyer who has a great deal of specialization in this type of claim. So, what can you expect from a representative like The Citizens’ Attorney? Advice on your compensation claim: Not all compensation claims […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents August 20, 2016

Hard to believe: Takata air bag recall just got even bigger

You might reasonably be one of those motorists in California or elsewhere who until now has been telling your friends that, while the Takata air bag recall is certainly notable, it hasn’t affected your vehicle. The odds that you are correct went down markedly this past week. In fact, one of the largest vehicle-related safety […]

Uncategorized August 20, 2016

Risk of trucking accident injury on the rise

More widespread use of safety devices and new trucking regulations are thought to be responsible for a reduction in deaths due to trucking accidents. This sounds like good news for California motorists, but it comes with expert warnings that safety may actually be declining. The reduction in deaths has been matched by a statistically larger […]

Auto Accidents Car accident August 20, 2016

Self driving cars might be self insured

California has been leading the way in self-driving car design and implementation. Testing of the complex autonomous vehicles has been ongoing, and there are encouraging signs found in the rich safety statistics collected on the cars. To date there has not been a single reported death or injury associated with any of the millions of […]

Auto Accidents August 20, 2016

How pedestrians can stay safe

While walking can be good for an individual’s health, it can also be dangerous. California pedestrians are advised to wear reflective material and pay increased attention at crosswalks or other intersections. On average, one pedestrian dies every two hours from an injury suffered while walking. In addition, more than 400 people will go to an […]



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