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Debt Collector Harassment! – What Are Your Rights & What Are Their Wrongs?

Debt Collector Harassment! – What Are Your Rights & What Are Their Wrongs?

Unfortunately, there are many ill-mannered debt collectors even nowadays. Those people are usually ready to do anything to squeeze the money out of you. The well-known calls in late ours, threats, verbal insults, and more are just some of the methods that the corrupt debt collectors use.

In the recent years, there are even more and more cases in which debt collectors have taken the harassment to higher levels and to go as far as moving your financial issues into public view. Nothing seems to be sacred anymore; Social Media has become one of their resources They get so low as to contact your Facebook friends and your family which heavily invades one’s personal space. Everyone who is a victim of such unfair and illegal practices should not hesitate to contact the Citizens’ Attorney.

We want to clarify what debt collecting practices are denounced by the law, so if approached by a debt collector using these practices you should contact James Pacitti, the Citizens’ Attorney immediately. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the so-called FDCPA law which gives you the upper-hand against the debt collectors. It is illegal for debt collectors to contact you in inconvenient places and times and especially before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. The only way this would be legal is if you have agreed to it in advance. It is illegal for them to contact you at your workplace.  What’s more, if debt collectors are contacting your friends/family/employer or any other third party about your debt, they are breaking the law.  For the most part, they have the legal right to contact you, your spouse and your attorney regarding your debt.

Further illegal practices include verbal abuse, deception and false claims, threats. If you have been a victim of any illegal debt collection practices and you are in the California, you should not hesitate to seek protection of your rights from The Citizens’ Attorney – the law offices of James D. Pacitti. James has spent virtually his entire career helping people like you when needed the most. His law firm has a lot to offer you including free case evaluation and handling of the case with care and expertise, but most importantly the attorney will seek to get you the compensation you deserve for being abused as well as make the harassment stop immediately.

What is more, you needn’t pay a cent to The Citizens’ Attorney unless a recovery is obtained. Winning the fight against debt collectors in court will not only make them stop the harassment but also indulge them to remove any negative information from your credit report and paying off all of your attorney’s fees.

When we borrow money for whatever the reason, our intentions are honorable, but situations change, personal and financial burdens do occur that can be out of our control. The Citizens” Attorney understands these situations and not having the money to repay a debt at the moment does not mean debt collectors can harass you. If you are being harassed by a debt collector, your next call should be to the Law Offices of James D. Pacitti, The Citizens’ Attorney. You can call us  Toll-Free –  866-267-9764 and get your FREE consultation today.

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