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Disability Benefits Claims? Do Veterans Need A Lawyer To Prove Their Claim?

Va Disability Benefits

Disability Benefits Claims? Do Veterans Need A Lawyer To Prove Their Claim?

When you are a military veteran, you have served your country as a member of Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. Now, when you have served your country and every person living in it while sacrificing your comfort, your family relationships, and friends while putting your life in danger, you deserve certain benefits. And of course, there are many different types of benefits available for the veterans. However, there is, unfortunately, no particular definition available for a veteran instead each benefit has made its way into the law with its own set of eligibility requirements i.e. two veterans might qualify for entirely different Service Related Benefits.

The Available Military Benefits

As a Military veteran, there is a full program available for you to receive benefits for serving as a member of the military. You can qualify for the major pension’s program based on how you served the military. You will also receive benefits when you visit hospitals, and doctors for medical care, educational support in addition to training for your new job. As many Americans know, as a veteran you can also avail benefits when you apply for a mortgage, starting your own businesses, counseling, memorial, burial, and other. The Federal Government promised to care for returning military personnel, and they have.  The question is, is every returning military veteran served with the highest level of consideration?

Eligibility For Military Benefits

The most shared and significant benefits include disability benefits where you receive a certain amount every month for disability that came to you during service in the military. These benefits are specific to medical expenses pertaining to the injuries that took place during your time in the military.

It would make sense to think, before you can use any of these benefits, you have to prove you are eligible for them. The basic eligibility requirements are pretty simple: you have to be a veteran, your disability must have a connection with your service, and your medical condition exists to this day more or less. Now, in addition to proving your eligibility for a benefit, you need to know the ratings that decide how much compensation you will receive. Your disability ratings start from 10% and go all the way up to 100% i.e. full disability. The higher the disability rating, the higher your benefit amount will be, seems simple enough.

The only change in benefits once approved will begin sometime between the first and the 5-year mark; the military may reexamine your condition in order to bring the benefits down if your condition has gotten better since the last time you were examed.                                     



For over 90% of all service related disability benefits, we believe you will be making a huge mistake by not having a lawyer on your side right from the beginning. Not only are the requirements quite ambiguous, but the legal jargon also becomes an additional challenge for the veterans to understand. In some cases, it can be challenging for attornies to interpret? The Citizens’ Attorney specializes in service related disability benefits, understanding each law and how to make it work to your benefit is what James does daily.

For many veterans, what happens is that you either don’t fully understand many parts of the documents or it takes too much time for you to respond. Moreover, the process requires dozens of different medical tests, reports, and documents to prove your injuries and medical conditions are directly associated with the time you served in the military.

Applying for Military Disability Benefits, will most times move from straightforward and easy to  unreasonable, unworkable, and at times many will say unachievable. Will I ever get the Disability Benefits I deserve and need? Today, you have all the assistance you will need right here, call the  expert and VA Certified lawyer James D. Pacitti. Let James help you complete all of this required documentation, gather the reports, and meet the timelines. James will return the process to straightforward and easy. The Citizens’ Attorney and his staff understand what is necessary to determine if you have a provable claim and most important, James and his expert staff will walk you through the documentation headaches and help get it done for you.

There is a reason they call James The Citizens’ Attorney because he fights for you, military veterans and the rights of every citizen in the United States.  Here are the guidelines that you need to know to have the best chance at receiving the disability benefits you deserve?

This is the first part of a two-part series. Please follow the Citizens Attorney blog and check back with us in two weeks to review part two. Also please follow us on Facebook and all of our social media for updates and additional information about military happenings,  personal injury cases, abusive debt collectors and unwanted product sales/service companies calling you all hours of the day and eve.





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