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Risk of trucking accident injury on the rise

Risk of trucking accident injury on the rise

More widespread use of safety devices and new trucking regulations are thought to be responsible for a reduction in deaths due to trucking accidents. This sounds like good news for California motorists, but it comes with expert warnings that safety may actually be declining. The reduction in deaths has been matched by a statistically larger increase in injuries attributed to tractor-trailer crash.

Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows 5 percent fewer deaths in 2014. That same year shows a 21 percent increase in injuries. The semi-truck crash has become less fatal, but it is unclear whether the number of incidents in total have gone up. One truck industry expert states that it is reasonable to infer that roadways are less safe for California drivers.

This trucking accident discrepancy is due to implementation of new regulations, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. Restart rules ensure that more trucks are operating in daylight traffic and less at night. As a result, tractor-trailer crash numbers went up with more low-speed accidents even as fatalities went down. The new rule went into force in 2014. The increase in injuries followed a 2013 decrease.

Federal rules are designed to lessen the risk of common causes of wrecks, such as fatigue and distraction. However, efforts to manipulate conditions seem to have put California drivers at greater risk of being involved in a trucking accident. For victims of truck driver negligence, injuries could result in catastrophic changes in their lifestyle. Lost wages, medical expenses and permanent disability can all devastate a family with financial hardship and emotional turmoil. In the aftermath of a semi-truck crash, families often find it difficult to focus on gathering evidence and pursuing lawsuits. An attorney can help by focusing on the matter of securing adequate compensation at a time when the family is unable.

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