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The Citizens’ Attorney answers -Who can you sue if you are of a victim of a car accident?

The Citizens’ Attorney answers -Who can you sue if you are of a victim of a car accident?

Car accidents have turned into a common sight and a source of many hardships for millions of people all around the globe. It is reassuring that deaths caused by car accidents have been on the decline in the US for the first decade of the century,but not in California. The facts are very straight forward, many victims of car crashes receive severe injuries and suffer both physically and psychologically not to mention deaths.

Indeed, advanced technology including airbags, seatbelts and warning systems have made our cars a lot safer now. However, those have been reported to also cause casualties of their own. Often times it is not easy for those who have suffered in a car accident to determine who is at fault and which parties may be sources of compensation for their injuries and loss. That is why we would like to elaborate on “Who is at fault” in this article.

As commonly known, one side that you can sue is the driver who has caused the accident or has some fault in causing it. In those cases when the driver actually is not the owner of the car, you could also sue the owner of the car in addition to the driver. Thus, they may be entitled to paying your medical bills, for instance, or paying off the expenses for your car repair. The fault of a driver is usually determined based on some variables including but not limited to: driving the car recklessly (speeding, driving drunk or under influence of drugs), not following the road signals, driving a faulty vehicle, more of which are proven by witnesses or/and police reports.

In those cases when a defect in the car is actually what caused the accident, you can sue the parties involved in the manufacturing of the vehicle or those who have repaired the car in such a way which has caused a defect in it and subsequently – the accident. Those parties can be either the automobile manufacturers and/or mechanics whose faulty workmanship may have caused the car crash. In some rare cases, faulty airbags and/or faulty seat belts may have caused the injury. A lot depends on what enhanced injuries have been testified by a doctor or other medical professionals as connected to an airbag failing to inflate, for example.

So, in order to be perfectly informed and be able to get the best decision on whom to negotiate or sue, you need the expert services of an experienced attorney such as James D. Pacitti, the Citizens’ Attorney. James has proven himself as a Personal Injury expert and together with his colleagues at The Pacitti Law Firm he has been helping thousands of people from the state of California receive the financial recovery they deserve for the pain and injury, lost wages and time, and the huge distress that they have suffered due to a car accident. The law firm will evaluate your case FREE of charge, will provide you with the best advice concerning your individual case. We will fight for you in court against the insurance firm, the driver, the car manufacturer or whoever is at fault for your suffering, and will only charge you for our services if any form of compensation is obtained. The Citizens’ Attorney – fighting for every client with the goal of winning your case and insuring your just compensation.

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