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The Citizen’s Attorney The Best Compensation for Car Accidents or Any Personal Injury

The Citizen’s Attorney The Best Compensation for Car Accidents or Any Personal Injury

According to the NSC, around 4.6 million people got seriously injured in road accidents in 2016. These are the dark statistics which have marked the roads of the US and never really shared by the government. They do publish these gigantic statistics but always on the back page of something not very important. Never to mention how many of these accidents we caused not only by bad drivers, but roads riffed with potholes, signs that have fallen down or are covered by overgrown trees and so much more. The bottom line to all these accidents is the fact there are 4.6 million individuals with different backgrounds and different struggles but still all have one thing in common, getting back on track after the accident.


The Citizens’ Attorney understands this usually includes weeks, if not months of recovery from medical issues, or auto repair or replacement, and the list of issues only grows from there.  Everyone in such a situation needs all the help that they can get and if you, a family member or your friends were injured in an accident, then a good option is to secure the advice and representation of an attorney. Not just any attorney but one with a history of personal injury cases that have a win in the ultimate outcome box.


Many attorneys will hang a shingle outside their door that suggest they are all things to all people and we are sure many are. But if you want a successful, focused and defined, high-powered representative to assist you to get your Full and Deserved Compensation for any suffering, lost time at work, car repairs and the like then you need to be looking for an attorney with the nearly unmatched qualifications of the Citizens’ Attorney. A professional with a long list of wins against insurance companies and individuals who would like nothing less than to have you just go away and not put up a fight for your rights. An attorney that understands the laws without question and an attorney that when the insurance company hears their name they know they best give the person they represent exactly what they are asking for then the Citizens’ Attorney is your Gold Standard. If you are unable to secure his firms representation then we strongly suggest you find an attorney that walks in his same kind of footsteps.


Remember why your attorney is so important, after an injury there are the medical expenses which need to be paid, plus if you become handicapped and unable to work, that means losses in wages. Those losses will affect you, your family, possibly your credit and more. You should and will be compensated for all of them and that is where a premier attorney can help – especially at times when your insurance company or the insurance company of the driver that hit you is denying your claim. You deserve the best no matter if you were a pedestrian, cyclist, car driver, truck driver, you have to be compensated for the loss you have suffered.


With the Citizens’ Attorney in your corner you can obtain the recovery that you deserve. The firm operates within the Orange and Ventura Counties or anywhere else throughout the state of California. On the lead is the attorney who has been coined by the community as The Citizens’ Attorney, James D. Pacitti who has worked as an attorney for more than 20 years and is rated by the highest qualifications from the legal community as a “Top Attorney”. Throughout the years James has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of road accident injury victims. His incredible success rate is what makes The Citizens’ Attorney stand out.


The experienced professionals at Pacitti’ s Law Firm are ready to handle all of the communication with your insurance company and paperwork needed so that you can have more time to recover, to be there for your family and loved ones and to go back to work. Once your medical treatment is over, they could file a lawsuit and fight vigorously to get you the maximum recovery. What is more, you do not have to pay any fees or costs to the attorney unless a recovery is obtained. In fact, you could also get a 100% free case evaluation and consultation call right now – at  866-267-9764 or online.


Getting injured in a vehicle or pedestrian accident can be a very harmful experience. But even in times like this, you can get help from an attorney so as to recover your lost wages, cover your medical expenses and property damage expenses. We will fight to get you the maximum recovery and support you throughout the whole lawsuit process. The Citizens’ Attorney – we are here to help!

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