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This is what just a few of our satisfied clients across the country have said about how their cases were handled:

When advising me, you showed knowledge and compassion.  I would recommend you. Thank you.

Erica M., Santa Monica, CA

You’re all AMAZING!!!! I love you guys you kept me informed, you were responsive when I called and so knowledgeable. I always pass out your card to people needing a P.I. Lawyer.

Hector B., Los Angeles, CA

I am very happy with your services; I would definitely recommend James Pacitti to anyone.

Edwin H., Canoga Park, CA

I highly recommend them, they were trustworthy, kept me informed and very knowledgeable and did a great job on my case! Great Attorney. Thanks,

Veronica H., Rosemead, CA

Amazing Team! You guys were great, responsive, very knowledgeable, you kept me informed with the process for the entire case. They explained to me step by step what was coming next and prepared me for it. I would really recommend this firm. Thank you,

Alejandra G., Sherman Oaks, CA

You guys were AMAZING. Thank you for all your hard work!

Kimberly S., Hollywood, CA

The firm was responsible, knowledgeable and kept me informed. The office was on top of everything and had a lot of patience with me. Thank you

Mathew C., Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks again for your prompt and professional services. It is good to know when you need advice, you can get competent and prompt service.”

Dan G., Fairfax, Virginia

“Thank you. I have not been harassed anymore since connecting with you. I appreciate your help in this matter.”

Victoria M., Dallas, Texas

“Thank you so much for all you have done…and if anyone I know can use an attorney you will be the one I recommend…you certainly went the “extra mile” and I appreciate it more than you know.”

Helen G., Orlando, Florida

“I have appreciated your service in helping me out and if I am in need of services again, I will keep you in mind.”

Harold T., Houston, Texas

“Once again, thanks so much for your help. I just recommended a friend to your firm.”

Latosha J., Los Angeles, California

“Thank you so much. I was grateful that the phone calls stopped. Again, thank you very much. I will recommend you guys to all my friends.”

Patti H., Fremont, California

I’m very happy!”

Carissa M., San Diego, California

“I’m glad that we have attorneys like you who understand and fight for the citizen’s justice. Companies understand the FDCPA laws but they still continue to breach the laws and create stressors to individuals like me.”

Daniel S., Los Angeles, California

“I just want to thank you for all that you have done. I would recommend you to others as needed.”

Debra M., Syracuse, New York

“You folks are doing a much needed service for those of us trying to work our way out of debt.”

Nancy H., Fresno, California

Suffering from stress, numerous severe health issues, the constant barrage of scavenger collector calls, reaching my limit of passive tolerance I reached out for help. I was extremely relieved to find Mr. James Pacitti. James returned EVERY call I placed, answered every email I sent timely and answered every question I had. His over-the-top help resolving the misguided legal matters at hand were great relief to me. Pleasant, thorough, knowledgeable, a compassionate listener, James quickly resolved the issues in my favor and conclusion. James backed down the credit predator collectors that were harassing me in error and gave me some level of sanity back. Thank you, James.

Curtis B., Chino, California

Thank you for your work on my behalf. I am completely satisfied.

Ernestina G., Los Angeles, California