Before the Depp v. Heard Netflix series, the entertainment attorneys at PLF produced a panel for the entertainment law section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association – Depp v. Heard: The Attorneys Who Broke It Down for the Masses. The panel brought record-breaking viewership to the Bar Association, garnering close to 1.1m views, and counting.

If you have watched the Netflix series and would like to hear entertaining expert attorneys analyze the case and offer their insight, you can watch the OG panel that started it all by clicking the image below.

Depp v. Heard: The Attorneys Who Broke It Down for the Masses

With almost 300 million views among them, our superstar panelists have followed every twist and turn of the Depp v. Heard case. Join them as they discuss Lessons Learned from the Case; Effective Counsel – Reality v. Public Perception; Winning in the Court of Public Opinion; and more.

Emily D. Baker is Everyone’s Favorite Legal Commentator & host of the top Entertainment News podcast, The Emily Show. Emily is a former Deputy District Attorney who shifted her focus to content creation on YouTube in late 2020. Since then, she has become a sought-after legal analyst and has been featured on ABC, NBC, BBC, The AP, and in Rolling Stone, People, and Insider. During her coverage of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial, her channel grew to one of the top sources for trial coverage on YouTube, regularly having over 100,000 concurrent live viewers. With over 16 years of legal experience and over 10 years as a Deputy District Attorney, and a lifetime love of pop culture, Emily is able to break down the stories we are all talking about. Emily has garnered over 63 million views on YouTube with more than 38 million watch hours and built a passionate community across platforms.

Family Law Attorney Limor Mojdehiazad has provided analysis and commentary throughout the six week defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard providing her audience with the law and facts as presented each day. With over 180 million views on content related to the trial, Limor has amassed over 480,000 TikTok supporters, launched a podcast entitled “Love & Order,” and has been featured on Court TV, NBC, BBC1, i24, Insider, and other outlets including various podcasts discussing her views on the case and social media’s impact on the court of public opinion.

Bruce Rivers has handled over 2,000 criminal cases. His experience includes trials and plea negotiations at both the state and federal levels. Bruce Rivers has achieved acquittals on cases ranging from DWI to first, second and third degree murder. He has also handled white collar and high profile cases requiring unique judgment and experience. He has represented lawyers in tough situations. Lawyers from all different types of firms feel very comfortable referring clients to his firm. Bruce’s YouTube channel went public in mid 2019. Since then, he amassed over 36 million views and gained over 600k subscribers.

Peter L. Tragos is a Partner at the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos in Clearwater, Florida. He focuses his entire practice on fighting for injured victims of wrongful death, car accidents, premises liability, and negligent security cases. Mr. Tragos won a national championship while on the mock trial team at Florida State University College of Law, and as a trial attorney, has tried a host of cases from state to federal and criminal to civil. Recently, Mr. Tragos has expanded his research and sharpened his skills by reviewing and analyzing high-profile trials on his YouTube channel the “Lawyer You Know” which recently reached a milestone of 100k subscribers.