An entertainment lawyer is an attorney who is especially suited to work with clients in the entertainment industry. While it is common to think of an entertainment lawyer only working with high-profile clients like celebrities, many entertainment attorneys from Los Angeles are employed by media agencies and publishers. Entertainment lawyers can work in any aspect of the media industry, from television and movies to music and book publishing.

Working in the entertainment industry often involves complex contracts and legal agreements, which is why it’s important to have an entertainment lawyer who can help you ensure that your rights are protected and any agreements enforced. Our law firm has experience working with all types of entertainment clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, and you can find out more about our services by calling our office today.

What Does an Entertainment Lawyer Help With?

One of the main services an entertainment lawyer provides is dealing with contracts. This may include drafting contracts, reviewing contract proposals, and taking legal action to ensure that contracts are enforced. Entertainment lawyers can also help ensure that clients’ intellectual property is protected and provide legal counsel on day-to-day issues and larger challenges that may come up for agencies and entertainment companies.

Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer?

Whether you need an entertainment lawyer depends on what you are trying to achieve, but it is never a bad idea to consult with a qualified legal representative before making any decisions that could carry legal consequences. Any time you are signing any type of contract that involves working in the entertainment industry or the use of intellectual property, such as with music rights, an attorney should ensure that you know what you’re signing and what the possible consequences are for a breach of contract.

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring an Entertainment Lawyer?

Before you hire an entertainment lawyer, it is helpful to know what to expect from the process. In many cases, entertainment lawyers work on a retainer basis, which means that you pay them upfront. Then, they are available to provide legal services and answer any questions you may have until that money runs out. If you have any special legal circumstances, such as a trial, there may be other fee arrangements. It is important to think of your relationship with an entertainment lawyer as a partnership. You may often need to supply the attorney with documentation or other materials and be an active part of the process in order for them to be able to move forward with legal disputes or mediations.

If you think you might need an entertainment lawyer, our firm is happy to discuss the particulars of your case and let you know what services we may be able to provide. To schedule an initial meeting with a member of our team, call 323-230-6200.